Yan jun Sleepings​@​Radio Tsonami - Manual for a New Neighborhood . Archive #08

by Yan Jun & The Sleepers



Program #03: Manual for a New Neighborhood. May 19th. 6 to 8 PM
Guest : YAN JUN.

Collaborators to Sleepings @ Radio Tsonami are (by order of apprearances) : Eric Mattson, Barbara Rauch & Georg Mûhleck, CM Von Hausswolff, JJJJMP, yu yiyi, Alexander Holm, Martin Rodriguez, sun yishou, Yan Jun

Diffused as it was, with all interviews removed, this is the listing made by Yan Jun with final track being his contribution. This part is messy, the project of having Yan Jun sleeping in real time went weird. We left it here as a testimony of that radio program, of that moment.


This radio broadcasting is one of our solutions envisaged to respond to the broadcasting of works in times of crisis and to the reduction of distances between individuals.
This project from Beijing artist Yan Jun takes part in Manual for a New Neighborhood, a series of sounds and medias works curated by Montreal based Eric Mattson. Subjects include collaborating with distances, updated ways to create and diffuse in time of sanitary crisis, changes in the meanings of neighborhood and friendship.
The interview, directed by curator Eric Mattson, are translated live by artist Martin Rodriguez

YAN JUN (Beijing, China) ; SLEEPINGS

"i always think we, people, in general, talk too much. the street shows itself when cars talk less. the night embraces us when we talk less. night is our common neighbourhood, a time of gathering and unexpected thoughts. have you ever dreamed that you are not alone? have you ever dreamed that you are dreaming with others, your neighbours? don't we share the same night ?"

Night music from all neighbours offers you the opportunity to record yourself while sleeping, share this recording, in an attempt to join with sleepers all over the world in a new neighborhood based on simplicity and a search for emptiness.

" i always listen to sounds around me, especially when i am alone, before sleep. it looks to me they do sound much better than any man-made music, that i should analyse them to compose but i never did. now here is the opportunity for you to do it. sounds are connected, so do the night sleepers. "


released June 9, 2022

Concept, listening and edits : Yan Jun
Radio Curating : Eric Mattson
Assistant and Sleeper : Martin Rodriguez
Radio Tsonami : Rodrigo Rios

Manuel pour un Nouveau Voisinage . Archive #08
ORAL #88



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